Apprenticeships with A Lench Building Contractors Ltd :

  • One of the largest apprenticeship providers in Staffordshire.
  • Over 100 Apprentices Trained to date and counting !
  • Ongoing Partnerships and working relationships with numerous local training providers
  • Previous apprentices now Managers and Supervisors.
  • Train with like minded individuals of various ages.
  • Guided throughout the apprenticeship process by our dedicated team.
  • Work alongside Tradesmen with Years of knowledge to pass on to you!
  • Learn a trade for life in a vibrant and exciting industry.
Apprentices To Date
Tom Lench

Tom Lench

Apprentice Manager

''Its great to manage the Apprentices here at A Lench Building Contractors. They are the tradesmen of tomorrow and play a key role in future proofing our business. I enjoy offering my help, advice and support throughout the whole process and its very rewarding to see how capable the learners become once they have completed their studies"

Will Ashton

Will Ashton

Junior Quantity Surveyor

"Being an apprentice for A Lench Building Contractors has given me key life skills, vast amounts of knowledge, all whilst i'm studying my degree. A Lench Building Contractors is a brilliant company to work for and i look forward to the future"

Euan Thomas

Bricklaying Apprentice

"I'm really happy with working along side of A Lench Building Contractors, i feel i'm a valued member and i'm treated with respect. if i have any problems they help out immediately"

"I'm enjoying learning new skills and gaining real experiences within the industry hopefully to become a qualified brick layer in the future"

Brandon Lowe

Bricklaying Apprentice

"Becoming an apprentice at A Lench Building Contractors has so far been very good, all the staff are very supportive and are always contactable with any issues you may have"

"Getting an apprenticeship at A Lench Building Contractors has given me the opportunity to learn the building trade with an experienced contractor"

Chicane Eaton

Bricklaying Apprentice

"I like being an apprentice for A Lench Building Contractors because there is always work and being part of a great company that always makes me feel welcome. I also like the challenges that i have to face and also learn how to get over"

Connor Scott

Bricklaying Apprentice

"The company has opened a new door in my life and i never thought i would get a job but A Lench Building Contractors took me in and has given me skills to make my own path in life"

Jack Hubball

Bricklaying Apprentice

"I feel pleased to be working at A Lench Building Contractors. The company is very supportive and helpful in regards to my professional and personal development, I really enjoy working here"

Connor Small

Bricklaying Apprentice

"When i first joined A Lench Building Contractors i didn't have a clue what was going on, but the apprenticeship has taught me lots of new skills"

"The company was very welcoming when i first arrived and the lads i worked with took me under their supervision and taught me the way. I kept progressing over the two years and now i am confident with my skills and continue to listen to new ideas to help me get better"

"The pay was very rewarding and increased as i developed, overall i really enjoy being an apprentice at A Lench Building Contractors and would recommend to any young person wanting a career in bricklaying"

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